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Lucky 7's Painting


As some of you already know I always surrender my birthday month of September to an unscripted journey…But sadly, not this year. They say there’s some kind of virus going around, (I forget the name ;) Oh and did I mention that I have a baby arriving in a few weeks! So perhaps it’s best to clip my wandering wings for the time being. 


However in the spirit of the Jack Kerouac Charcoal Challenge I will be taking a few days to celebrate by giving away a bunch of original paintings right here from the studio. Let’s call it…“Lucky 7’s.” 


Ok here’s the Deal: 

Starting on (Aug 27th) every day for the next 7 days I’ll be posting one limited edition. Everything is $100. The first seven people to claim it in the comments section get it. Here’s the fun part, at the end of the day those seven people, (and only those seven people) will be entered into the daily drawing to win a free original painting done by yours truly. 


Pretty good odds right?


*Just make sure if you do claim a print that you walk through the patron portal pronto so you’re entered into the drawing for that days free original painting.

Lucky 7 patron Payments.jpg

*This year I will also be giving clues for print posting times on Instagram and Facebook stories. So watch out for those.


It’s my way of saying thanks for all the patron support over the years. 


7 Prints 

7 Days

7 Original paintings


Lets Play!


Graciously Yours

-Sean Diediker

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