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“Every episode a place, every episode a painting.”


Diediker's award winning television show “Canvasing The World” is currently airing nationwide on PBS for which he picked up a Gold Telly Award for Best Directing in Television in 2020. Part travelogue, part documentary, a modern day marriage of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Canvasing the World details Diediker’s quest to explore the interplay between art and the human condition. 

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“I revel in the whole creative process, taking an experience and constructing a painting around it, and for me filmmaking is a natural extension of this,” says Diediker. “The tools are different but the process is the same, allowing us to create a collective “journal” of the interchanges we share with those we meet on the road. This synergy binds me with my subjects and serves as a time capsule. Each work is a lasting symbol of the evolution that occurs through true human connection and shared experiences. Winning a Gold Telly for directing from my fellow image-makers is an absolute honor.”

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